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AAA Research and Consulting Inc. offers information technology and audio visual project management strategic planning solutions to small and medium-sized businesses as well as residential clients. We also provide you with IT and security products to either sell directly or sell and install.


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Extensive Experience

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in progressive information technology, audiovisual systems, project management, and business operations. We have completed several projects for a wide range of industries, such as the public, banking, and construction sector.


Strategic Thinking Skills

We are here to help you plan for your future success. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in using critical thinking to solve complex problems and accomplish specific objectives.



At AAA Research and Consulting Inc., we place a high value on being responsible in everything we do. We always stand by our decisions, actions, and the well-being of our organization and our clients.


Personable Approach

We are dedicated to building strong working relationships with our customers and providing them with a great experience. Our team employs a friendly approach when catering to the needs of our clients.

What Makes Us Special


Customer-Focused Solutions

We always put your needs and satisfaction at the center of everything we do. Aside from providing expert advice, we educate our clients and show them the endless possibilities for their business.


Broad Network

Build a strong network with our assistance. We have expansive connections in various industries, which can further help you fulfill your particular objectives.


Reliable Advice

With our comprehensive and effective mentorship and leadership solutions, we have led several teams to new horizons of success. You can count on us for guidance and support in improving work relationships and managing conflicts.

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